About Dr. Tabatha

At last, a chocolate you can enjoy guilt-free! Good Girl Chocolate is unlike anything you have ever tasted.  Good Girl Chocolate is gluten-free, dairy-free, and naturally sweetened. It will appeal to your sweet tooth, satisfy your chocolate craving, and as an added benefit, it is made with organic low glycemic sweeteners.

Dr. Tabatha created Good Girl Chocolate because, like every other girl, she didn’t want to give up chocolate.  After all, chocolate is a girl’s best friend. Dr. Tabatha struggled with her weight for years and was just 16 years old when she was first put on blood pressure pills. She ended up being a women’s size 20/22 in high school and was so ashamed of being on blood pressure pills, and weighing over 200 lbs at such a young age, that it greatly impacted her self-esteem and social life. Dr. Tabatha went up and down the weight ladder, trying every diet or weight loss fad in the world, but she just couldn’t shift the weight.

After years of high blood pressure and blood sugar imbalances, Dr. Tabatha started having hormonal challenges that threatened her ability to have children.  Dr. Tabatha finally reached a point where she knew she had to take action so she started making lifestyle changes focusing on her diet, exercise, and other natural therapies. She began to transform into a healthy and happy individual finally living and loving life.

Part of Dr. Tabatha’s transformation found her having fun in her kitchen, looking for ways to make food a positive experience in her personal revolution. She realized that when we eat healthy foods we say things like “I’ve been good all week” and when we don’t eat quite as well we say things like “I’ve cheated” or “I’ve been bad”. But enjoying life is about being able to embrace all of your life.

Dr. Tabatha’s revelation led her to create a chocolate worth craving that could also support her transformation. The name Good Girl Chocolate came from this idea of being able to eat some chocolate and still say “I’ve been good”! Now, Dr. Tabatha wants to share this chocolate with you and fuel your mind, body and spirit to give you the chocolate you dream of – without the guilt! Enjoy!